Sunday, July 15, 2012

local global universal • dreaming

as if the vast emptiness of the universe around us weren't challenge enough for our life, let alone the vast and ecological course of events on our planet where we originated and are embedded in its matrix. there will always be challenges to our existence, no need for any extra that we create ourselves. idiotic and needless to destroy our habitat and therefore ourselves before we've found out enough to be able to transplant sustainably to a new habitat. and even then, it can be fatal to no longer know of origins but internally still be bound by them, because once something it's gone, good bye ...

as if our organic life weren't already 'anarchy' enough and at the same time 'order' enough to live by and to find ways of survival. 'tribes/governments/nations/conglomerates' or 'values' may emerge over time but also dissolve like any organic entity. knowing that we're all one big super-organism, already, within all of the moons and stars. energy action voice stories language music images writing dance philosophy evolving ...
each generation anew should be presented both, the old traditional systems and at the same time the most contemporary questions and challenges. so that in the continuous interactions and exchanges optimum structures can be grown over time, for the benefit of us all. how we can live our lives in the here and now is challenge enough.

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i realised once again how much dreaming be a free-flow action of our daily perception/processing/thinking/being/living when being conscious. to interfere with such a regenerative process seems to me highly risk-full because I find the value to be in the uncontrolled- / after-image / echo-like quality of dreaming .. a bit like flying actually ;-)
i believe a similar case is the practice of release-based techniques and approaches: to not 'mind-down' one's physical functioning, instead be very open and non-directive with any invasion, even just noticing one's sensations and what grows from continued noticing / perception and arrive at a responsible balance with conscious action / movement / articulation. where remains the role for conscious action, should that and only that remain the object of concentration? (a kind of black-box approach) eventually, any black box will ask for more and more refinement to ever more understand ever vaster aspects of existence.

(inspired by reading many Science Fiction books of diverse quality over many years, and the practice of body-mind work and explorations, also over many years)

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once at a General Assembly @OccupyRotterdam I said to a fellow Occupier "like us bunch of dreamers" and instantly realized that I was giving us a negative and derogatory value judgement at that moment. it became clear to us both instantly and she said: "well that's the good thing about us isn't it?" - and yes it is: to dream of better possibilities and find out how it alters all the other aspects of our reality ...