Friday, September 21, 2007

sensory awareness - kinesthetic awareness bypassing the clutter around it

soon, in mid-October, I will work with visual artists Dwight Marica and Robert Rosenau
at the Hessenhuis in Antwerp.

Dwight wants us to work from a state of calm and some leisure, far-off from 'achievements' but real work.
i am very fond of this aesthetic strategy although I have to admit that myself i don't always find a way to realize it. but i find it justified for humans to work like this, knowing how to evade the animal-trap of constant need and hunting/gathering...

in August of this year I worked in New York City where I was a part of Elaine Summers' Hidden Forest . most of what i had prepared meticulously was swept away and brought down to a single basic instruction: move without thinking about it first, directly from the body-state. i managed to get this done on the day of the general rehearsal, where I was sick from the flu and so I kept away from everyone as much as possible, but also had had plenty of resting time during the day.

since i came back i notice that i have more moments where i can actually let sensorial experience happen while being open to its effects on me. i can listen better, sometimes.

and i feel a new intensity in my dancing again, where what is important is becoming much more clear in my sensory perception.
to focus on this happening itself and doing itself, developing itself, in its own tempo, its own way, is what interests me, has always interested me.
i want less 'filling-in' or 'transitory' movements, just the core as much as it is or is not, and that's it. to let whatever it is that moves me, move me ;-)

hopefully i'll be able to realise this more closely at Bivak Gloria in Antwerp...