Wednesday, January 21, 2009

per aspera ,,, ad astra :-)

long talk with Elaine Summers, for her show "Making Rainbows" at Anthology Film Archives, New York, March 28th starting 7pm

I realised that through my work as a human being, but also as a profesional in my field, I want to support those directions that help use our resources better, and I especially focus on the human bodymind, through Kinetic Awareness® and Open Form Composition.

With both I strive to express the delicacy of the human soul / spirit / mind at its most advanced and most refined, intelligent, lucky, intuitive.
To this means I improvise, as to catch the most ephemeral nuances and details, and let them live in the performance as much as possible. Open Form Composition helps me to approach this state by determining how much should be set to create a greater security in which this delicacy can be invited to happen and manifest itself in our present.

Kinetic Awareness® teaches me to re-search this delicacy in the million details of my body-mind sensations that happen when I move. By listening on and on, with hopefully ever more insight and understanding, and by moving from this listening with greater and greater sophistication, I hope to be able to become an embodiment of such delicacy and details, as well as energetic power, be it in the presence of it or openness for it.

This ability of using one's resources at the utmost, with great care, in a way that makes sense, given the current demands of our state as well, I believe we can get ready to approach to integrate the cosmic state of our universe better and better, through the most minute of details we can be capable of handling, noticing, sensing, dealing with, moving from and with....

Make it to the stars by noticing that one dimensional fold that will get us there in an easier way, being able to deal with being in space and left to our own resources more independent of the ecosystem of the planet on which we have developed.

The ethical side of it, as Mary O'Donnell-Fulkerson expresses in her coinage "ETHICAL REFORMATION" for this time, is just as important to me: to more and more incorporate the multidirectional vastness of the Universe into our own dimensions of living here, together, on this planet.

In that sense I believe that God or GOOD is the accumulation of what we learn from evolution that will get us further along that path of surviving in our existence well. (with ever the more abilities to realize our bodymind and its working ever more detailedly and fully)
And I believe that as we evolve also culturally, this is a changing understanding, actually a project-in-progress, of ever ongoing discovery, rather than a fixed entity or merely a projection as used by the less-mature self.

LOVE is another such project, we discover and refine it over the centuries, try out new possibilities and gather experience-data: does it work? does something else work better? in which circumstance? for which character? what about our biological heritage, how much does it count? when does it work well, when would we like to try an alternative? and how does that work out, short-term and long-term? etc. and so on and so on....