Thursday, November 22, 2007


today and yesterday I've spent long periods of time on the floor, doing Kinetic Awareness / ball work / available tension / sensitive energy work. there is a lot to repair and heal, especially my right elbow and knee. the fatigue translates itself into a tightened ribcage, contracted from a certain thoracic vertebrae in my spine (I think T6, but I'm not entirely sure)

while I was working on the ground, there were many workmen coming and going today, as they re-modeled Michele Matyn's sand-mountain. to all of this the radio was going on all the time, playing 80's and 90's hits + advertising. a hard time to concentrate, to find that space where there is no sound interrupting anything.

but I could work on what I get paid for in this project, to do my work as a dancer, just the same way that the working men worked to shovel and carry around the sand. we both followed our own necessities, resulting from our task. so that I could modify my own internalized bourgeois judgement of doing some luxury-work, something for affluent elites only. I've worked on this earlier in but here it was closer, because we were all limited to one space for a longer period of time, so the interactions were less momentary.

it helped me to feel less 'crazy' more trusting that what I do makes sense and that I am aware of it.

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