Thursday, November 22, 2007

bivak gloria - final (before performance)

I'm getting ready to perform at the finissage. together with Dwight Marica and Robert Rosenau. repeating what we've done these past weeks. to realise one out of many possible threads of movement with the installation, with the added presence of the visitors of the finissage.

many trails of energy to ride on / follow along and with, including my own. Robert Rosenau mentioned today a Zen-kind of state where there is absolute quiet and openness inside, to be ready for whatever comes, before thinking it over. in a way I hope to do the same. to be ready for a kind of energy that will take me anywhere, through many layers and threads and possibilities.

I understand the installation as condensed energy. and with the video's there is an extra layer of movement involved, represented in moving colors and light. so I hope that the long periods of working on the ground will pay off in a more readily available physical preparedness, ready to be in the moment, move!

Look at me now and here I am
And with it all it is not preparation
They never make it breathless without breath.
And once in a little while they wait.
Without its leaving.
Let it be that it is said, let me alone.
You alone have a way to think and swim
And voices have no other.
It is in their refrain that they sing me,
It just can happen so.
Getrude Stein from Before the Flowers of Friendship Faded Friendship Faded

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