Tuesday, October 30, 2007

bivak gloria: week #2

is there a resemblance of color in movement?
black-white movement? coloured movement?

Alan Charlton, untitled MuHKA Antwerp. Belgium

I'm ready to explore more about this actual space, what is it that I can do HERE and with THIS installation. what kind of movements fit here, do I want to have here? what about the recurring elements?

musically I am experiencing a trip into the past, Béla Bartók's The Wooden Prince, Bear Dance, but also this morning Guillaume Dufay, Ecclesiae Militantis, a pioneer work of the Ars Nova at the end of the Middle Ages. I've tried to work with this piece of music earlier, at the EDDC in Arnhem, back in 2001. (see also the painting by Hieronymus Bosch earlier in this blog)

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